Our company

The company

SANIRIS aims to develop and manufacture products following a philosophy based on 3 basic principles which are: protection of users, preservation of their health and respect for the environment. From these three principles, we develop a range of products with original formulas based on the use of natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, natural essential oils and plant extracts.

Our formulas are elaborate and complex; they are based on moral and scientific principles that have led us to elevate the bar, but provide comfort and safety to users.

SANIRIS also has a strong research and development potential based on the skills of recognized scientists in the fields of aromatherapy, interface chemistry, medicine and pharmacology. These skills are combined to give life to new products that make up the daily lives of professionals and private users alike.

Commitment to the individual and the environment

SANIRIS targets its products in order to offer specific solutions to the problems to be dealt with. These innovations affect our daily life in the field of disinfection and air pollution control to improve our well-being.

Although SANIRIS products are not medicines, we have decided to adopt a basic principle of human medicine which we have adapted to become our guideline: “In the practice of its profession, SANIRIS is committed to giving priority to the health interests of the individual”. source C.E.O.M., article 2, Commitment of the Physician. As a result of this commitment, we have decided to create our own logo which represents the protection of the family and which will henceforth be affixed to all the products in our range which meet the criteria below:

This logo guarantees the user the best possible protection within the framework of current legislation:

  • No hazard pictogram on the label
  • No acute and chronic toxicity for the aquatic environment (risk phrases H400 and H410, as defined by the Egalim law)