CONCENTRATED ACTIVE DEPOLLUTANT Especially for pollen and dust allergies To be used with SANIPUR purifier

19,50 TTC ( 16,25 HT)

Restore healthy, invigorating air with the active alcohol-free pollutant remover. Triple action: eliminates bad smells, pollen and dust. This formula is especially developed for people suffering from allergies. Without essential oils, dyes or perfumes. It is strongly recommended to use this product in combination with the SANIPUR indoor air purifier if you are allergic to pollen, house dust—including house dust mites—and if you suffer from asthma. Neutralizes polar compounds such as VOCs and formaldehydes.

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Add 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of product in the bowl of the SANIPUR Indoor Air Purifier after having filled it with 800 ml of water (top line), stir briefly and connect the system. The dilution water can be plain or purified or drinking water. The 125 ml bottle corresponds to 25 applications, equivalent to 75 days of operation if the blend is renewed every three days. There is no need to leave the system on permanently, but only when necessary. It purifies the indoor air by neutralizing unpleasant smells, dust and pollen in suspension.


Water, Laureth X (plant origin), Sodium benzoate.

Dilute before use.

Warnings of use

This product is not intended to be used undiluted but should be combined with SANIPUR Indoor Air Purifier after dilution of 5 ml in approximately 800 ml of water (plain, purified or drinking water).

Bibliography and tests

Biodegradable. Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined (EOBBD). Emulsifier of natural origin.