AIR PURIFIER Removes pollution and purifies by adsorption (products are sold separately)

117,00 94,80 TTC ( 79,00 HT)

The SANIPUR indoor air purifier eliminates odors, reduces airborne allergens (including mold spores), chemical or particulate pollutants. Place the unit in any room requiring purification, plug it in and SANIPUR Purifier will do the job of purification by gently circulating air through its system to purify it and create a much healthier environment. Our air purifier is the most affordable active purification solution for clean and fresh air in the house, in areas where children rest and play. It is also ideal for people with asthma symptoms, allergies or breathing difficulties. Use it in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living spaces and trailer.

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Fill SANIPUR Purifier with cold water up to the MAX line, add 5 ml of Concentrated Active Depollutant (1 teaspoon) and plug it in. Add water as needed, making sure the level does not fall below the minimum mark on the bowl. Change solution every 2 or 3 days. It is not necessary to run the Purifier continuously but only when it is useful.

This device works with the 5 Concentrated Purification products below (see the special home products in the store) whose formulas are especially developed for children, for people suffering from allergies and for purifying the air in your home.

CONCENTRATED DEPOLLUTANT – ENERGIZING Energizing, smells, dust, pollen
CONCENTRATED DEPOLLUTANT – DOUCE NUIT (Sweet night) Relaxation, smells, dust, pollen
CONCENTRATED DEPOLLUTANT – POLLEN-DUST-MITES ALLERGIES Elimination of pollen and dust, and odors
CONCENTRATED DEPOLLUTANT – BON SOMMEIL CHILDREN Formula for children, smells, dust, pollen


  1. Neutralizes the smell of tobacco smoke, of your pets and all kitchen and other smells
  2. Reduces and prevents air pollution (bad smells, dust and pollen, VOCs, formaldehydes, hydrocarbons)
  3. Promotes wellness
  4. Acts as a humidifier

Technical information

Size of the device: diameter 16 cm – height 18 cm Capacity: +-800Ml Volt : 220 ~ 240 v – 50 Hz Power: 13 W Certificate CE