ANTISEPTIC GEL – 70 % alcohol
Hand protection
1 application of 60 seconds

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Hydroalcoholic antiseptic (SHA) hand gel with 70% ethyl alcohol. Effective already after a single application thanks to its long-acting disinfectant formula.


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Place a small amount of Antiseptic Gel 70% in your hands and rub your hands carefully so that the liquid can be in contact with all surfaces to be cleaned. It becomes effective as soon as the hands are dry (after about 60 seconds). For more information, the reader can refer to the following document: “Hand disinfection by hydro-alcoholic friction”. Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals. Apply 2ml to all areas of the hands to be treated and massage carefully and evenly for one minute. Brush well under the nails. Do not rinse. This product does not dry hands. • As a PREVENTIVE application: before handling objects, materials, surfaces, food. • As a CURATIVE application: after each visit to the toilets or after having touched supports, contaminated objects or objects presenting risks of hand-transfer of micro-organisms.


Ethyl alcohol, water, methyl cellulose, benzalkonium chloride (TP1, 0.272% w/w), didecyldimethylammonium chloride (TP1, 0.272% w/w), quaternary ammonium (TP1, 0.272% w/w), softener.

Warnings of use

In the case of an allergy to one of the ingredients, it is recommended to consult the doctor before use. Use biocidal products with care. Before use, read the label and product information.

Bibliography and tests

Laboratory tests: Realized in official and approved laboratories.

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